How to make a booking

  1. Click on the Book Now link below, this will send you to the designated booking page.
  2. Select the service / length of time you would like the appointment. There is options for back to back bookings as well as individual appointments. If there isn’t a time scale or booking option that suits your needs then please get in contact and we can tailor something for you.
  3. You should now be on a page that looks like a calendar. This is where you select the day and time of the booking that works for you.
  4. The booking time and date is now selected, please enter your details prior to payment. Please add any details about the booking that the therapist might need to know before coming.
  5. Pay for the appointment. The booking system requires payment prior to booking, if you are worried or unsure about paying prior to the booking then please pop me an email or a call to discuss any issues you may have. It’s ultimately to prevent fake bookings but we do appreciate why you might want to pay on the day of the booking and happy to accommodate.
  6. One final note…. Once the booking is made you will be sent a form to fill out online. Its vital for you to do this to save time during the booking.