Mental health, pain and massage

What do you think of when you hear the words ‘Sports Massage’? Pain managementInjury recovery and preventionIncrease ROM and flexibilityPosture related issuesReduction of tensionAids sleep quality Above are a few of the common mentioned benefits you will see posted in your feeds (Some of them being more scientifically proven than others but that is a...
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Stretch Sunday

Mobility and flexibility can be worked on every day. Sunday is no excuse to be a couch potato and undo all your hard work from the week 😁. #oxfordfitness#sportsmassage#massage#stretching#fitness#sportsrehab#bodyfix
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The back consists of over 70 muscles so there’s no surprise massage therapists concentrate on this area. Due to our sedentary population, poor posture, as well as long periods sat down and not moving. There’s no surprise that so many of us suffer with chronic back pain and stiffness. But don’t worry we have got your...
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Why ‘Sports’ massage?

There are many other types of massage therapy, but why pick a sports massage therapist over the others?Well this depends on what you want the outcome to be. If you want to pay a lot of money for someone to stroke you softly for an hour, then sports massage isn’t for you. If you want...
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Don’t worry be happy!

Don’t worry, Be happy… As depressing as it is, the summer is coming to an end shortly and the days will be getting shorter. Its no myth that less sun exposure will make you more lethargic and even promote symptoms of depression.  Well todays good news is that you don’t have to get on a...
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