Why Body Fix Therapy?

Through hundreds of hours of clinical ‘soft tissue therapy’ and a huge variety of clients, you can expect that you get the personalised treatment that you deserve.

Each treatment will be tailored to the individual, so don’t expect just a generic ‘massage’. We really care about the outcome and want the best for our clients.

What can be expected?


We start off each session by listening to the client. We want to find out as much about the client as possible before the hands-on assessment and treatment.


After the assessment, a hands-on treatment may take place if needed. As well as any soft tissue work, a variety of exercises including mobility and strength will be demonstrated and completed by the client to understand proper technique and to help further with any symptoms.

Post treatment

At the end of the session, the therapist will give you take-home information and reassurance going forward. This could simply be to rest or may include specific mobility and strength exercises.

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Bringing our expert advice and treatments with us, we provide local support to partner clinics and help patients throughout Oxfordshire .

Get in touch to find out when and where we will be next!

Physio ED

 Providing specialist physiotherapy services for all dance, sport and general musculoskeletal injuries


TOPS is a long established and leading group of Health Care & Professions Council (HCPC) registered and Chartered Physiotherapists in Oxford.


  • “After a two day drive my shoulder and neck had completely locked up on one side . I couldn’t turn my head and was in constant pain . . Luck was on my side that I was recommended Sam. He melted the tension within the first half of the session. I was like new! Thank you Sam…… if your reading this looking for a therapist, look no further!”

  • “Had a session booked with Sam whilst at boot camp and the massage was amazing, helped me relax.
    I’ve had bad pains in my shoulder for months and have visited physiotherapists, chiropractors, GP and have been referred to all sorts of doctors. Nothing has helped yet but Sam really listened to my issues and suggested ways of strengthening by shoulder.
    He promised to do some research in the area and later the same evening he sent me information that will help me in getting better.
    Would highly recommend Sam!”

  • “Both my husband and I have seem Sam on a few occasions now. He’s extremely knowledgable and locates the problem areas every time just from a verbal briefing of symptoms. We honestly cannot recommend him highly enough. Thanks Sam from the both of us!”

  • “I had been having problems with my right knee after intensifying workouts and running on a more uneven terrain. Had a massage today to begin to break down the tension around my knee and it was amazing! It feels better already. Thanks Sam!”

  • “Just seen Sam for the 2nd time and he is a miracle worker. He is definitely going to be part of my monthly maintenance from now on. Highly recommend! 😊”

  • “Would highly recommend, had a stiff back for months and this seems to have done the trick. Will definitely be using again!”

  • “Amazing massage… actually sad you are based so far away from me 🙁 Thank you for also acknowledging other problematic areas and giving that attention. Definitely recommend Sam… pressure was on point and each area was given the right amount of time :)”

  • “Couldn’t agree more with the other people who posted reviews here. Massage was very very good, and Sam is incredibly knowledgeable about the body and latest research to help with healing and improvements. Thank you again!”

  • “Had a session with Sam on my legs and back, worked wonders. Will have to book another one soon!”


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